Some alternative Spanish-style Wedding Inspiration

The Rustic Wedding

From white sand beaches to olive gardens, farm yards, and run down barns, Spain has some absolutely stunning outdoor locations that are perfect for a breathtakingly simple and elegant wedding. Dine al fresco with mismatched furniture, decorated with subtle Spanish reds and blacks broken up with softer colours like pinks, creams, lemons and teals. Stick to fresh flowers as well as flavours. Try simple tapas, and traditional Spanish cocktails or fresh lemonade served in jam jars. Lanterns, light wooden fans and bunting can help incorporate a further Spanish feel in a stylish and understated way. This can also be done by serenading your guests with some Classical Spanish Guitar music from a live band. Sky lanterns and sparklers can help set the tone for a spontaneous and memorable night.

The Gypsy Wedding

With the gypsy culture alive and well in this part of the world, why not embrace the long, loud and colourful Gitano traditions and incorporate them into your own wedding right in line with the summer’s boho wedding trends? A Gitano wedding is drenched in tradition, including a pedimiento (similar to an engagement party) followed by the casamiento (wedding ceremony). The whole affair can last several days (up to three days is usual in the Gitano culture) and are filled with a great number of guests, music and dancing. For the ceremony, consider one of Spain’s stunning Cathedrals. But for the reception try a stripped back outdoor location brought to life with plenty of bright and colourful decorations – mixing up traditional Spanish themes with echoes of the gypsy’s Indian origins in the Punjab. In terms of dresses, think delicate, vintage lace with lots of jewellery – dangling earrings and jangling bangles in antique, tarnished gold or silver, adorned with colourful stones. Perhaps try further incorporating some gitano traditions with the inclusion of bulerías and rumbas. This is a fun fuelled wedding that should be bursting with life: lots of people, lots of colours and lots of music. At Jasper Hawker films, we can help create the perfect memory of your wedding day. For more information, please click here.