Mary & Ian Wedding Video

Mary and Ian held their wedding in Almuñecar in June.  The venerable church, la Iglesia de la Encarnación, perched atop the town set a lovely scene for their ceremony. The reception was held across town in the Albayzin Del Mar. Jenny from Spanish Wedding Planner was at the controls and the excellent Jenni from JJ Wedding Photography was taking the pictures. 

Flamenco Dancer

tephen and Maggie had unusual wedding on the beach at the chiringuito (beach bar)  Marina Playa,  Marina del Este in  La Herradura near near Nerja, Malaga. It’s not often the groom carries the bride up to the altar … on a motor bike! Later on, after  their first dance, they had a flamenco show. Just a guitar and one dancer. Whilst filming I am concentrating so much on capturing the moment that I often don’t have time to appreciate it as it happens and it is not until I edit a project that I can fully appreciate it.

This video is a very good example of that! I was blown away by the dancer’s performance. I love flamenco but am no expert, but I think anyone who watches this will know that they are watching a true artist at work. Maria Gomez Munoz Canastera dances and her husband  Carmelo Niño Carmelo plays the guitar.

baile flamenco – flamenco dancer from Jasper Hawker on Vimeo.

Why is Southern Spain perfect for your wedding?

Your wedding day will be one of the most wonderful and memorable days of your life and you’ll want to capture all the love and laughter shared between you, family and friends.  Photographs and videos make classic and charming mementos of your dream wedding, recording all the joy of the festivities as well as the beauty of your venue. After the meticulous planning you put into your big day it’s important that when you and your guests revisit the photographs you’re reminded of not only the enjoyment and emotion of the ceremony, but also of the stunning, painstakingly decorated setting you chose for it. After all, your wedding photos should be just as elegant and impressive as the wedding itself. Southern Spain provides a series of breath-taking locations for your nuptials. The Spanish coastline’s white sandy beaches, tropical flora and clear blue oceans all make for remarkable and gorgeous backgrounds for your first kiss, first dance and every historic first you share as a married couple. What’s more, the coastline has a plethora of venues available, from classy hotels to traditional churches, catering to all tastes. It is the coast’s sunny surroundings, however, which make the ultimate contribution to breath-taking photography. For instance, the city of Malaga, also known as the Costa del Sol or “Coast of Sunshine”, is a favourite for weddings as it averages around 325 days of dry weather every year. This spectacular wedding weather doesn’t only provide you with peace of mind; it sets a glowing backdrop for your photos that will guarantee a smile from your guests whenever they see them.

If you make the decision to take your vows in glorious southern Spain, we would love to help you record every precious moment.

Spanish Wedding Ceremonies

In Spain, there are multiple ways to get married and celebrate your big day. From civil ceremonies to Catholic Church weddings to wedding blessings, there’s a ceremony to suit every couple.

The Catholic Church Ceremony

The Roman Catholic ceremony is the only type of religious ceremony which is legally recognised in Spain. It is a legally binding wedding which cannot be held anywhere outside of a Catholic church or cathedral. Non-residents are able to celebrate a legal Catholic wedding in Spain, if one or both of the couple are Catholic.

A Catholic wedding requires quite a lot of organisation, as most of the paperwork must be completed well in advance with the local Priest. Once the wedding is complete, the local civil registry gets updated with the wedding details and your wedding certificate is produced by the Spanish authorities.

The Civil Ceremony

Under Spanish law, a civil wedding is only legal if one or both of the couple are Spanish residents. Non-Spanish residents must carry out the legal part of their marriage in their home country, prior to the ceremony.

A Spanish civil service can be held at your venue of choice but it must by law be registered at the local civil registry. There are different regulations regarding civil weddings in Spain, for both residents and non-residents, and this varies throughout the regions, so it is important to be aware of this well in advance. The service can be conducted in English but the Spanish Civil code to marriage is in Spanish.

The legal side of the ceremony is carried out in front of the judge in the civil registry but does not take long. You simply agree to abide by the civil code and must sign the required paperwork.

The Wedding Blessing

The wedding blessing is one of the most popular options in Spain, as it provides the most flexibility. Couples are able to choose every detail of their big day without being restricted to a particular time or place. There is also far less paperwork to be completed.

The ceremony itself takes the same shape as a traditional wedding ceremony and can be led by a Church of England vicar, civil non faith celebrant or minister.

The bride and groom can make their wedding blessing a truly personal celebration by designing the content for the ceremony themselves, with the help of the chosen celebrant. Please bear in mind that the wedding blessing is not a legally binding ceremony- the legal side must be completed in your home town.

Whichever wedding ceremony you opt for, Spain’s rustic charm and beauty is guaranteed to provide you with a celebration to remember. To find out more about Spanish wedding ceremonies, or for more information regarding our videography services, please feel free to get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help.

Why should you get married in Spain?

Every year an increasing number of couples choose to have their wedding abroad, in order to escape the unpredictable U.K weather, and to make their big day a truly exotic and romantic occasion. Getting married abroad provides more than just a wedding, but a holiday adventure for you and your guests. With friends and family spread across the world, a wedding is an opportunity to bring loved ones together, to escape everyday pressures and to celebrate the occasion to the full.

Spain’s Mediterranean climate has been enticing engaged couples for many years. The consistently good weather is one of the main reasons why lots of couples opt for a Spanish wedding. With hot dry summers and mild winters, Spain is the perfect choice for those seeking a sunny outdoor celebration.

The country’s beauty and charm is utterly captivating, and provides plenty of enchanting locations for your big day. Southern Spain is culturally rich and historic, renowned for its friendly hospitality and stunning stretches of coastline. From colourful and vibrant cities to seaside towns and hilltop villages, the south is dotted with beautiful wedding venues which will blow you away. Spectacular backdrops, beautiful sunsets and mesmerising scenery make southern Spain one of the most magical wedding locations in the world.

Whatever your choice of wedding ceremony or venue, Spain provides a variety of different paths to take. Offering great value for money, culture and tradition, and year-round good weather, Spain will provide you with an exotic wedding to treasure forever. From rural country churches to white sandy stretches, you’ll be sure to find a luxury location that is right for you. Celebrate in style and make the event an adventure to remember, with a romantic wedding ceremony in Spain.

We can capture every moment of your wedding day. Contact us for more information.

Some alternative Spanish-style Wedding Inspiration

The Rustic Wedding

From white sand beaches to olive gardens, farm yards, and run down barns, Spain has some absolutely stunning outdoor locations that are perfect for a breathtakingly simple and elegant wedding. Dine al fresco with mismatched furniture, decorated with subtle Spanish reds and blacks broken up with softer colours like pinks, creams, lemons and teals. Stick to fresh flowers as well as flavours. Try simple tapas, and traditional Spanish cocktails or fresh lemonade served in jam jars. Lanterns, light wooden fans and bunting can help incorporate a further Spanish feel in a stylish and understated way. This can also be done by serenading your guests with some Classical Spanish Guitar music from a live band. Sky lanterns and sparklers can help set the tone for a spontaneous and memorable night.

The Gypsy Wedding

With the gypsy culture alive and well in this part of the world, why not embrace the long, loud and colourful Gitano traditions and incorporate them into your own wedding right in line with the summer’s boho wedding trends? A Gitano wedding is drenched in tradition, including a pedimiento (similar to an engagement party) followed by the casamiento (wedding ceremony). The whole affair can last several days (up to three days is usual in the Gitano culture) and are filled with a great number of guests, music and dancing. For the ceremony, consider one of Spain’s stunning Cathedrals. But for the reception try a stripped back outdoor location brought to life with plenty of bright and colourful decorations – mixing up traditional Spanish themes with echoes of the gypsy’s Indian origins in the Punjab. In terms of dresses, think delicate, vintage lace with lots of jewellery – dangling earrings and jangling bangles in antique, tarnished gold or silver, adorned with colourful stones. Perhaps try further incorporating some gitano traditions with the inclusion of bulerías and rumbas. This is a fun fuelled wedding that should be bursting with life: lots of people, lots of colours and lots of music. At Jasper Hawker films, we can help create the perfect memory of your wedding day. For more information, please click here.

Once Upon A Time In Almería

In the summer of ’98 Robin Amanda Faure, Julius Cotter and I decided to make a film … and we came up with the idea of a documentary on Sergio Leone and his lasting effect on Almería where all his westerns where shot. We got Sir Christopher Frayling, the pre eminent expert on all things spaghetti western and author of the definitive biography of Sergio Leone, involved and filmed all over the Tabernas desert and in the sets of Mini Hollywood and Western Leone. Our documentary, Dust To Dollars was never completed as we ran into major copyright issues with MGM and Paramount who were charging $100 a second for use of material from those iconic movies … and naively we had apportioned a good 7 minutes! Without those clips our film didn’t make much sense. However we managed to cobble together this short film about Western Leone as a gift to Luis, the owner of the film set and it has been sitting in a box along with the rest of the tapes all this time. Time now to let it out in to the light…

Once Upon A Time In Almería from Jasper Hawker on Vimeo.

The “un-plugged wedding”

It’s hard to believe that the camera phone is a luxury exclusive to the twenty-first century, with the first camera phone having been sold in 2000. In less than a decade, the total worldwide number of camera phones grew to over a billion, and today hundreds of millions are sold every year. And it’s not surprising – having a camera on your phone is great! Personal photography gives people the opportunity to not only capture, but to create and share memories. Moreover, in today’s age of social media, camera phones are an essential part of our communication. With the help of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, online photo-sharing sites like Instagram or Pinterest, and apps like Snapchat, thousands of photos are uploaded and shared every day… every minute even. Such sites help to create and express our identity. For a generation that is seemingly obsessed with capturing every living moment, there really is no denying the greatness of the camera phone. 

However, there has been a lot of speculation recently as to whether documenting your life online and through photographs is actually preventing us from living it. We end up missing out on the true first-hand experience by focusing so much on ensuring the second-hand side of things. For this very reason, many couples are beginning to dislike the idea of guests being attached to their phones throughout their ceremony and reception, and the hot topic of wedding circles at the moment seems to be whether to request or even require that guests ditch the devices during the event. 

In his book ‘Our Virtual Shadow,’ author Damon Brown recalls “The morning of our wedding, my wife and I only had one major discussion: Should we bring our cell phones? She loved Facebook as much as I loved Twitter… But we decided to put the smartphones away. And our decision turned out to be the right one”. Brides and Grooms want their guests to be present; to be witnesses, not recorders. 

If you, likewise, would much rather the focus be on you directly, rather than you through a lens, perhaps try opting for an ‘unplugged wedding’ by adding a note to your programs asking guests to leave the photography and videography to the professionals, and refrain from taking photos or videos themselves. For information about how we can help you create the perfect wedding video, please contact us.

The top 3 reasons why you should consider recording your wedding

While having a photographer at your wedding is regarded as essential, having a videographer is often seen as little more than an extra expense. But the truth of the matter is that pictures can’t capture everything. Yet often the benefits of hiring a videographer aren’t evident until after the day has already been and gone in blissful daze. To prevent any post-wedding regret, therefore, I have taken the liberty of drawing up a list of the top 3 reasons why a hiring videographer should be at the top of your list when planning a wedding.

1. Spontaneity is key There’s no denying that wedding pictures are a classic, elegant and wonderful way to record your wedding. However pictures can never catch those truly spontaneous moments, like your great uncle falling off his chair after one too many glasses of champagne, or the inappropriate comment made by your sweet little bridesmaid protesting about being “allowed to taste the wine at home”. Moreover, videos feel far more natural, and you’re sure to feel more relaxed with your videographer in the background than when posing for a photograph, trying so desperately hard to not be that one person who blinks.

2. A picture can’t actually speak a thousand words The words exchanged between you and your partner, as well as those spoken by friends and family in speeches, are something which cannot be immortalised in an image. Yet these are often the most precious part of your day. Being able to actually hear speeches, laughter and emotion is truly priceless.

3. Your day will be over in the blink of an eye

Finally, after months of meticulous planning, your big day is certain to fly by in a whirl of excitement and nerves. Being the busy bride and groom, it is impossible to catch every expression and reaction. Similarly these moments may not necessarily be caught by your photographer, and many of the most beautiful details of the day can sadly be lost. Moreover, afterwards, you’ll find yourself wanting to relive the day again and again, and nothing can really compare to when you do so through film. Rather than having to piece together the day through pictures, a task that becomes more difficult as time passes, having filmed your wedding you can literally relive every magical moment.

If you are planning your perfect spanish wedding and would like a video of your day, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.