Flamenco Dancer

tephen and Maggie had unusual wedding on the beach at the chiringuito (beach bar)  Marina Playa,  Marina del Este in  La Herradura near near Nerja, Malaga. It’s not often the groom carries the bride up to the altar … on a motor bike! Later on, after  their first dance, they had a flamenco show. Just a guitar and one dancer. Whilst filming I am concentrating so much on capturing the moment that I often don’t have time to appreciate it as it happens and it is not until I edit a project that I can fully appreciate it.

This video is a very good example of that! I was blown away by the dancer’s performance. I love flamenco but am no expert, but I think anyone who watches this will know that they are watching a true artist at work. Maria Gomez Munoz Canastera dances and her husband  Carmelo Niño Carmelo plays the guitar.

baile flamenco – flamenco dancer from Jasper Hawker on Vimeo.