The top 3 reasons why you should consider recording your wedding

While having a photographer at your wedding is regarded as essential, having a videographer is often seen as little more than an extra expense. But the truth of the matter is that pictures can’t capture everything. Yet often the benefits of hiring a videographer aren’t evident until after the day has already been and gone in blissful daze. To prevent any post-wedding regret, therefore, I have taken the liberty of drawing up a list of the top 3 reasons why a hiring videographer should be at the top of your list when planning a wedding.

1. Spontaneity is key There’s no denying that wedding pictures are a classic, elegant and wonderful way to record your wedding. However pictures can never catch those truly spontaneous moments, like your great uncle falling off his chair after one too many glasses of champagne, or the inappropriate comment made by your sweet little bridesmaid protesting about being “allowed to taste the wine at home”. Moreover, videos feel far more natural, and you’re sure to feel more relaxed with your videographer in the background than when posing for a photograph, trying so desperately hard to not be that one person who blinks.

2. A picture can’t actually speak a thousand words The words exchanged between you and your partner, as well as those spoken by friends and family in speeches, are something which cannot be immortalised in an image. Yet these are often the most precious part of your day. Being able to actually hear speeches, laughter and emotion is truly priceless.

3. Your day will be over in the blink of an eye

Finally, after months of meticulous planning, your big day is certain to fly by in a whirl of excitement and nerves. Being the busy bride and groom, it is impossible to catch every expression and reaction. Similarly these moments may not necessarily be caught by your photographer, and many of the most beautiful details of the day can sadly be lost. Moreover, afterwards, you’ll find yourself wanting to relive the day again and again, and nothing can really compare to when you do so through film. Rather than having to piece together the day through pictures, a task that becomes more difficult as time passes, having filmed your wedding you can literally relive every magical moment.

If you are planning your perfect spanish wedding and would like a video of your day, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.